Home: A Story Telling Workshop


Learn how to capture the stories within the heart of the home.

Are your days filled with worry about not booking enough of your ideal clients to sustain your passion for photography?
Do you feel like your images, though technically sound, lack the narrative depth that turns a good photo into a totally unforgettable story that captures the essence and heart of the family?

Are you stuck navigating the intricate art of posing your families, trying to create natural, engaging portraits?
Are the complexities of finding perfect lighting and location leaving you TOTALLY overwhelmed, preventing you from capturing those jaw-dropping photos?

Struggling to take your photography to the next level?

Any of this feels way too relatable at the moment?!

Many photographers, just like you, grapple with these hurdles every day. But here's the good news: overcoming these challenges is simpler than you might think. That's where Home: A Story Telling Workshop comes in!

You're not alone my friend, I used to be there! 

Welcome to a transformative journey, designed to guide you past these obstacles and onto a path where your love for photography can thrive. In this intimate photography workshop, I am dedicated to helping you capture the compelling stories nestled within the heart of the home.

Why the home? Because home is where the story begins. It's where vows are made, families are grown, and countless firsts are celebrated. Each corner, each room has a unique story - of love, of joy, of bonds. The art of home photography is about uncovering these stories and preserving them in a frame forever.

This special day will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to craft a truly immersive photographic narrative - elevating your work from simply 'capturing a moment' to 'telling a timeless story'. We’ll be diving into the art of using natural light, whether it’s indoor or outdoor, selecting the perfect location within a home, and learning how to pose families in a way that feels natural and effortless.

This is your chance to step up your game and create images that not only attract more clients but deeply move them as well. In this game-changing workshop, we don't just capture the surface, we capture the soul and story. Are you ready to start telling the beautiful stories that homes hold?

Now let's chat about what this intimate workshop is all about

Are you loving it already?! Secure your spot!

Not only that, I am going to teach you how to turn your passion for photography into a thriving business! Yes, you read that right… a THRIVING BUSINESS. But this is not just about building any kind of business, it's about building a Kingdom business. One that operates not just with human wisdom and creativity, but also with the divine guidance, inspiration and principles given to us by God.

In this intimate workshop, we will be having deep discussions about conducting business God's way, letting Him be your Co-CEO. We'll explore how faith and commerce intersect, and how you can infuse your work with divine purpose. Of course, I’m going to teach your allll the practicalities too – how to fill your calendar, the ins and outs of editing, building an efficient workflow, crafting a price strategy, and so much more.

We believe that success is not only measured by financial gain, but by the love, joy, and peace we experience and share in our work. So if you're ready to embark on a journey of growth, both professionally and inspired by the Holy Spirit, I'd be honored to guide you.

Learn how to build a thriving business

Ready to join the experience and take your photography and business to a whole new level?

Join us for the Home: A Story Telling Workshop this August. Together, we'll turn your struggles into strengths, your passion for photography into a thriving kingdom business.

Heck yeah! I'm in!

Wake up every morning to an inbox filled with messages from prospective clients, eager to book you for their next family photo session?

Had a foolproof blueprint that streamlines your workflow, allowing you more time to focus on capturing those breathtaking moments?

Experience the thrill of sending out your client galleries and receiving heartfelt messages of joy, with clients moved to tears by the sheer beauty of the moments you've captured.

Be recognized as one of the top, go-to photographers in your area or even, in your unique style.

These are not just far-fetched dreams. They can be your reality.

What if you could…

At this workshop get READY to be empowered to reach these goals and so much more. You don't just learn to take better photos, you also learn how to build a thriving business. This workshop is a stepping stone towards creating that reality where you're not just surviving, but truly flourishing in your photography career.

Yes! I want in!

Hi I’m Melissa and this is what makes home a workshop like no other:

Where do I even begin! Hiiii, thank you for being here and taking a peek at HOME, an intimate workshop that I have been praying for, for a looooong time. I wanted this experience to be something completely led by God and it all started with the name, HOME. Home to me means so many things (and we will chat a little about that when we all gather together) but the one that stands out is - “family is home”. I have developed a true passion for family photography over the years and I want to share this love and passion with you!

Join me as we chat all the things photography - work flow, lighting, social media, finding your ideal clients, finding your WHY, honing into your style, growing a kingdom business, posing, editing….ALL.THE. THINGS! But most of all, this is an investment for you to flourish your God-given talent and be able to bless others with it! Let’s not forget the cheerleaders and friends you will gain! Let's get together as a family of like-minded women with the same passion for newborn and family photography and be able to learn, grow, and be each others biggest cheerleaders!

sign me up! Let's go!

Join us on august 26th at rich hippies house in west palm beach, fl.

I am so there!

1:1 pre-workshop online chat to go over areas of improvement, your goals and ways I can best serve you

Breakfast and Lunch included *except for dinner out*

Warm and cozy space to work and learn together amongst other talented photographers

Education Topics Covered - Client Experience and Prep, Work Flow // Pre-Sesssion, During Sesssion, and Post Session, honing into your unique style and finding YOUR ideal client and how to keep them coming back, in-home newborn session flow, LIGHT - indoor and outdoor, family posing and capturing those in between moments, tips and tricks in working with little ones, how to gain followers and all the social media tips, CMS, culling and editing with me.

Headshots provided by me!

Shooting and working through a true indoor newborn session from start to finish at a family’s home capturing them as a new family of four.

Shooting an outdoor maternity/family session and working with outdoor lighting.

1:1 post workshop online chat to review your experience and go over your goals to make your photography business THRIVE!

Access to a private facebook group with past and new mentees!

Extra bonus: an opportunity to connect with amazing women that share the same passion in photography

Extra EXTRA bonus: you will gain a forever friend and mentor!

What's included:

i want this!


Secure your seat the workshop and get ready to take your passion and your business to the next level. 50% due to reserve and the rest of the retainer will be charged three weeks before the workshop.

August 26th Workshop seat


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Up to 1 hour of photography 
100+ high-resolution images
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MILESTONEs // Fresh48


1-3 hours of photography
100+ high-resolution images
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For Family or Expecting Family 
Up to 1 hour of photography
100+ high-resolution images
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MATERNITY // family

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The Investment


The workshop will be a one day event so a good time to block that day is 8:00am - 8:00pm .

How much time should I block out for the day?

No more than five attendees.

How many attendees are coming?

Tickets are non-refundable. Think of it as a concert ticket. If for some reason you’re unable to attend, reach out to me first and we can discuss options. You will either be responsible for selling your ticket to someone (we can take a peek at my wait-list) or you may be able to use the credit towards a future retreat or mentorship.

What is the refund or cancellation policy?

Read above! If you have any specific questions PLEASE reach out and we can chat about them!

What is included?

his workshop welcomes everyone who has been shooting for a little bit and has a decent understanding of their camera. If you are someone that wants to take your skills up a notch while honing into capturing true heartfelt images during your family sessions, then this is the place for you!

Who is this for? 


Rich Hippie House, West Palm Beach on August 26th, 2023.

Where is the Workshop going to be held?

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